Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A Ladyboy Sex Scene... In A Mainstream TV Show?

Hands up who likes ladyboys AND sex scenes in TV shows?

I sure do!

So I was really overjoyed when this unexpected sex scene happened in an episode of a TV show I was watching the other day.

It was unexpected for two reasons. Firstly I did not know the characters had the hots for each other. Secondly, I spotted something, er, extra in the scene.

Was this proof of the first mainstream sex scene involving a ladyboy?

I thought it possible. After all, there was an explicit gay sex scene earlier in the same series.

Alas it turned out not to be 😭.

I'm not sure what the appendage is. I think it's the guy's hand rather than the tgirl's penis. After some research I found out that the actress is a female, and not a tgirl after all. She does have an amazing body though.

If you want to see this scene for itself then it's in Strike Back Series 4 Episode 10 - right at the end.

Anyone know of any mainstream TV shows or movies that do contain explicit sex scenes involving transgenders? I had a look on many of the tube sites and also in Google. Alas I couldn't find a single sex scene involving a ladyboy.

Of course there are transgenders in movies. The Crying Game is famous. There's also a really hot tgirl in Hangover Part II. I don't think there's many sex scenes in The Crying Game, and there aren't in Hangover Part II.

But we're presumably still awaiting the day when tgirl sex becomes commonplace in movies and TV shows.

Monday, 24 September 2018

This Fetish Clothing Site Uses Hot Ladyboys As Clothing Models!

Wow I came across this thread on a clothing fetish forum and found out about a site that uses real ladyboys to model their outfits!

The site is called The Sissy Store. The site is aimed at guys who want to dress up as sissy girls. Usually they're more submissive transvestites than ladyboys. But if you have a ladyboy girlfriend and want to buy her some hot clothing then check this site out. Although the outfits are really girly, they're actually made to fit the male body.

Oh and did I say that the outfits are made in Thailand? So when you buy from them you're supporting the spiritual home of the ladyboy!

Here's a couple of their awesome outfits:

Why on earth would you want to marry a Western woman when you could be waking up to this gorgeous creature?

Oh and did I tell you that I went back to Thailand in the Summer, after an absence of 5 years. What did I learn from my revisit to Thailand? Only that ladyboy boob jobs have now been perfected to the state that they now feel even better than biological lady real boobs.

It's astonishing how far medical technology has come in just 5 years. Oh, and if you have a ladyboy girlfriend then she'd really love this sexy lingerie set. I love how it exposes a good amount of underboob. Ladyboys usually get freaking huge boobs (they're guys like us after all) so usually they will have a fair bit of underboob to display in a sexy outfit like this.

What else do you like about ladyboys? I love their tight asses. They look really great in these so called Fukpanties:

Just the thing if you like your girl to wear lingerie but at the same time get access to her rear door.

Another ladyboy:

Wow, she's so hot. Which model's your favourite? If you want to find more about them then you can see their entire squad of ladyboy models here. I think my favourites are Miss Noi and Miss Ann.

Also Indian princess Saiyah is really hot:

Again I went to Thailand in the Summer and I found out it had got really expensive for us Brits. It was around 30% more expensive than back in 2013 when I started this blog. I definitely noticed there were less British ladyboy lovers there than before. I went in one of the Nana Plaza ladyboy bars and I was the only freaking customer! Well maybe Thailand is over and we should be taking a good look at Indian and South Asian ladyboys instead!!!

I don't know if I like these panties. But I am in love:

It's a shame it's so hot in Thailand all the time. It's probably too hot for ur favourite tgirl to wear a catsuit:

Wow a real life barbie girl.

One more ladyboy model. I just realised I've never had a girlfriend who wears stockings and suspenders. That's gotta change.

Which outfit and/or ladyboy caught your eye? Let us know what your favourites are. If you want to buy these clothes then you can get them from thesissystore. They ship from Thailand to worldwide. And if you have a clothes fetish then check out TheSexyClothesForum - they cover everything from spandex to Lycra and even sexy and revealing Asian swimwear.

MyLadyboyDate Has a Sister Site Full of Global Sexy Trannies And TGirls

Wow, MyLadyboyDate has now gone global and has a sister site where you can meet sexy transsexuals and transvestites from The Rest Of The World.

The site is called MyTransSexualDate. Check it out.

The good news is that if you have a login account for MyLadyboyDate then you can use the same credentials to log into MyTransSexualDate as well.

On the downside there aren't quite as many transsexual members on the site that aren't living in SE Asia. But I guess you knew that.

There are probably a lot more crossdressers/transvestites in the world. But so many of them are just guys who want to put on a dress once in a while. Most of them are heterosexual and not interested in meeting a guy. Well they might be interested in meeting a ladyboy, but they'd better be super passable and very feminine.

Well check out MyTransSexualDate, especially if you already have a MyLadyboyDate login.

If you're interested in ladyboys then you might actually find that you're attracted to tgirls from Latin America or Eastern Europe or somewhere else. There's a lot more to tgirl dating than just SE Asia!

Had any experiences in using either MyLadyboyDate or MyTransSexualDate? Then leave a comment and tell us about whether you got any dating success on them.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Ladyboy Sex Dolls - Enjoy a TGirl Without the Bitching

Hi Guys,

I'm back in Asia but annoyingly I'm living in China which is a wasteland devoid of ladyboys and anything else that's fun.

So I had a look for some entertainment on and came across these interesting silicone ladyboys.

Of course sex dolls are nothing new but technology is making them a whole lot more sophisticated than this:

Anyone had one of these? They're surprisingly fun, especially when you bust their ass and they spring a leak. At least they don't bitch and moan at you.

And neither do these amazing products.

First up is a full body ladyboy sex doll which you can find here on AliExpress. This one has head, arms, torsos and legs.

Apparently it has a penis as well, but it's censored on the photo from AliExpress.

The seller says the doll can come with 3 different penis sizes: 14cm, 19cm and 23cm. All are pretty huge. Which one would you prefer? Big or Mandingo sized?

Oh, and remember when you order which penis size you would like.

The doll also comes with an anal hole. The mouth also seems to open a little. It seems the doll can smoke, but not give good head.

This doll is awesome but it's also pretty expensive at $700. Well I guess it's probably cheaper than a round trip to Bangkok or Angeles City.

Also factor in some slutty clothing which you can buy online. AliExpress is pretty good for this stuff as well. I've ordered quite a lot from AliExpress and most stuff has arrived. Some has been junk but it's been balanced out by some stuff being way better than what you can buy from UK based stores. And it's always fun to order stuff and wait for it to arrive in the post.

This doll is pretty lifelike and sex would probably be better than with a genuine ladyboy. At least you won't have to put up with diva behaviour from her, unlike the genuine ones.

I once bought a ladyboy a drink in Bangkok's Soi Cowboy and she bitched and moaned the whole time. I should honestly have stayed at home with a doll. What rubbed it in was that my friend's ladyboy was really sweet and delightful - we should have swapped. Well at least my ladyboy resembled a biological woman in one regard.

If you can't stretch to $700 for a sex doll then the torso only ones are also fairly good. The latex/silicone is soft and quishy like a real human and it also feels warm against your own body.

There are a few different ones available on AliExpress. This one wins points for being called Diklove:

This one just has the busty top, cock and ass of a ladyboy. It's a pretty cut-down tgirl, but then it's a lot cheaper than the full doll one. These torso models retail for between $150 and $200. If you're choosing one then it's kind of hard to select the best retailer.

These dolls are pretty specialised and they don't sell as many of them compared to female ones. My tip is to see what feedback they've received from buyers of their other products. The good news is that suppliers on AliExpress are really good at giving you a full refund if the order doesn't arrive, or it does arrive and it's total rubbish.

One other possibility is to go for a doll that's a kind of post-op ladyboy. They're still Asian and could be the tgirl of your dreams. They're also a lot cheaper than the ladyboy models. This amazingly realistic doll retails for around $400. That's somewhat cheaper than what a disastrous relationship with a real female would cost...

Dating in China has been a total non event. I can see why across the water from us Japanese guys are MGTOW'ing and buying these beautiful creations in huge numbers.

While these aren't actually tgirl dolls and don't come with dicks, they are available in 3 breast sizes: flat chested, medium or large.

By the way before you order one of these make sure they're legal in your country. These should be legit. But last year in the UK a couple of people got busted for ordering kid size sex dolls.

Well if you live in a Western police state like the USA, USA or Australia then make sure whatever you're ordering isn't kid sized. But that's always a danger ordering stuff online:

Also bear in mind the full body ones are quite big and also pretty heavy. So many sure you have somewhere secure to stash them. I'm sure my landlady once visited my apartment unannounced and found my inflatable girlfriend. I guess it was kind of confirmation for her that I was the well rounded individual she thought I was.

Do guys actually like these dolls?

I couldn't find much feedback for the ladyboy models. But the Japanese style female sex dolls available on AliExpress have had some great feedback. Here are some examples of comments I could find:

  • I absolutely adore it!
  • Loved, and the quality is very good. Soon received.
  • Excellent!

Would you buy one of these $700 silicone ladyboys? Do you think they're rather cool or just plain creepy? Leave comments below.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Where are all the Chinese Ladyboys?

So I find myself back in China. God knows why. It's cold, polluted and compared to Thailand there's just nothing to do.

And to kick a man when he's down, dating in this part of China is really hard. Well if you're a foreigner that is.

4 months in and I've not had a single date. I've tried China Love Cupid but there aren't that many ladies on it from my city. We're quite near to Shanghai which ought to be a dating paradise. But Shanghai Princesses are in their own little bubble, and they're not interested in guys from the provinces.

I tried TanTan (a kind of Chinese Tinder clone) but it takes frigging ages to find anybody by flicking through 1000's of photos. Especially if you're doing it at Chinese wifi/4G speeds. Apparently I've had 42 matches which is pretty decent. But why can't it just show me who they are and stop all the time wasting?

I did make a bit of progress with one lady but she's working class, has a kid and no job. Yup, sounds great!

Another women insulted me with a "stupid foreigner" type of message.


A cute Chinese ladyboy would really bring some much needed joy into my miserable existence...
Those long white legs would make a Chinese ladyboy an attractive proposition.
Even a biological lady would do. To find one of those I tried a Chinese local dating site called JiaYuan. Unless you know how to read some Chinese characters then this site is incredibly tough to use. Even when you can read Chinese it's still a hassle due to endless popup windows that are endemic to Chinese websites in general. And it's heavily geared towards the Chinese mindset, like asking you questions about the financial status of your parents!

As for whether there are ladyboys on the site, who knows. I guess not, at least not openly.

I've not tried real life cold approaching, but it's kind of hard when nobody speaks English and your Chinese is still pretty rubbish. Besides, that's not how geeks meet girls.

As for ladyboys in China - where the hell are they?

There ought to be a lot of ladyboys in China. I know there are plenty of gay dudes. So the balance of the gender preferences ought to be the same as in any other Asian country. Also China has another thing going for it - a vast population. One other factor to throw into the mix is that it's a lot more wealthy than Thailand or the Philippines. Maybe for that reason less guys feel the need to become transsexuals in the hope of meeting a rich guy. In fact China is home to huge numbers of rich ladies, so maybe guys are more into sugar mommy dating.

Anyway, enough rambling. I don't ever remember seeing any on China Love Cupid/Chinese Love Links. The Cupid sites aren't transgender friendly as you have to register as either a guy or a girl - even for Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid.

I looked on MyLadyboyDate but there's only a grand total of 6 Chinese ladyboys.

LadyboyKisses isn't much better and I'm not on good terms with the owners of that one now.
With unemployment at 2% in my part of China, there ought to be plenty of opportunities for Chinese ladyboy office ladies to find work.
WeChat used to be good for random hookups. Here's my article about using WeChat in Thailand and Malaysia.

Unfortunately it's 4 years on since I wrote that post. WeChat's People Nearby function is a crock of shit now. Whenever you use it you soon get bombarded by unwelcome messages from hookers. It's about time they sorted this out. 4 years ago I met a couple of really great girls from the People Nearby thing. But all I've had this time around is spam.

I guess if you lived in a tier 1 Chinese city like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen then you might have more luck locating Chinese ladyboys.

But in a smaller Chinese city - forget it.

If you know how to find Chinese ladyboys then leave a comment below.

LadyboyKisses Let Me Down Again!

I'm an affiliate for LadyboyKisses. The guy hasn't paid me. Again.


I don't really depend on the money, but it pays for my considerable web hosting costs.

Anyway, be careful when using LadyboyKisses because the owners are not reliable.

The good news is that the new ladyboy dating kid on the block - MyLadyboyDate - is really active now. There are over 13,000 ladyboys on the site.

You you don't need to use the ancient LadyboyKisses anymore.

Give MyLadyboyDate a try. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I am. And I'm not just saying that because I'm an affiliate. The site's member photos are big, there's lots of choice and it's now my #1 recommendation for ladyboy online dating.

I know MyLadyboyDate is legit because I once met the owner in a London bar. We had a cider or two and talked about our love of ladyboys.

Happy dating!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hot Fashion for Hot Ladyboys

OK so I've started an online store for ladyboys who want to look ultra hot.

I'm not sure if this is a good business idea since most of the ladyboys I've known never seem to have any money.

Well if you're dating a ladyboy then maybe you can treat them!

I may be totally misjudging them, but ladyboys seem to love this kind of outfit shown here. They seem to love sexy clothes way more than modern women do.

Anyway, enough bullshit, time for the fashion show. All items are modelled by biological women, but you have to imagine how stunning your favourite transgender girl will look in this stuff.

BTW all items on this page are for sale on the store. Orders are dispatched via AliExpress sellers from China, so if you're dating Thai or Filipino ladyboys you can directly dispatch the stuff to their country and save the long wait for the slow boat from China.

Note: Click the photos below to see more photos of that item.

Shiny Spandex Catsuit

Just the thing for the tall ladyboy in your life - a sexsational wet look catsuit:
Shiny spandex catsuit
I love the fact this outfit has one leg - cheeky!

Nipple Pasties

If your ladyboy has boobs, then she might appreciate playing around with these:

Black nipple pasties for boobs
Maybe it's just me, but I have a huge fetish for these things. And the boobs of course.

Sexy Nurse/Maid Outfits

Just the thing if you've gone to Bangkok or Manila and come down with a dose of food poisoning. Get your ladyboy to nurse you back to health while wearing this. Just don't have a heart attack when she puts it on.

Actually I have to say that I lived in Thailand for 6 months and barely had any health problems at all. The food was fine and I was even OK after eating insects and plastic bags of little sausages bought from food stands.
Anyway, if you do come down with something rather more alarming, then make sure your ladyboy has this outfit:
 Very sexy nurses uniform for cosplay and other fun

More Shiny Stuff

This kind of shiny stuff (often called Zentai) is really popular in Asia. It's really sexy but also kind of OK for wearing underneath a skirt or shorts.

This particular leotard has a real high leg look reminiscent of the stuff Japanese AV race queen stars wear. Lovely stuff.

Shiny long sleeved Zentai style leotard

That's all for now - if you have any other suggestions for what ladyboys would look hot in then leave comments below.