Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hot Fashion for Hot Ladyboys

OK so I've started an online store for ladyboys who want to look ultra hot.

I'm not sure if this is a good business idea since most of the ladyboys I've known never seem to have any money.

Well if you're dating a ladyboy then maybe you can treat them!

I may be totally misjudging them, but ladyboys seem to love this kind of outfit shown here. They seem to love sexy clothes way more than modern women do.

Anyway, enough bullshit, time for the fashion show. All items are modelled by biological women, but you have to imagine how stunning your favourite transgender girl will look in this stuff.

BTW all items on this page are for sale on the store. Orders are dispatched via AliExpress sellers from China, so if you're dating Thai or Filipino ladyboys you can directly dispatch the stuff to their country and save the long wait for the slow boat from China.

Note: Click the photos below to see more photos of that item.

Shiny Spandex Catsuit

Just the thing for the tall ladyboy in your life - a sexsational wet look catsuit:
Shiny spandex catsuit
I love the fact this outfit has one leg - cheeky!

Nipple Pasties

If your ladyboy has boobs, then she might appreciate playing around with these:

Black nipple pasties for boobs
Maybe it's just me, but I have a huge fetish for these things. And the boobs of course.

Sexy Nurse/Maid Outfits

Just the thing if you've gone to Bangkok or Manila and come down with a dose of food poisoning. Get your ladyboy to nurse you back to health while wearing this. Just don't have a heart attack when she puts it on.

Actually I have to say that I lived in Thailand for 6 months and barely had any health problems at all. The food was fine and I was even OK after eating insects and plastic bags of little sausages bought from food stands.
Anyway, if you do come down with something rather more alarming, then make sure your ladyboy has this outfit:
 Very sexy nurses uniform for cosplay and other fun

More Shiny Stuff

This kind of shiny stuff (often called Zentai) is really popular in Asia. It's really sexy but also kind of OK for wearing underneath a skirt or shorts.

This particular leotard has a real high leg look reminiscent of the stuff Japanese AV race queen stars wear. Lovely stuff.

Shiny long sleeved Zentai style leotard

That's all for now - if you have any other suggestions for what ladyboys would look hot in then leave comments below.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Future is Ladyboy

The popularity of ladyboys seems to know no limits. So why are they getting so popular? Here are a few theories:

  • The Internet has made porn more freely available, and it's much easier for men (and maybe some women as well) to explore their sexual fantasies. So more guys are finding photos of videos of ladyboys, and realising that they have found their perfect sexual fantasy.

  • Cosmetic surgery is also getting cheaper. In Thailand it costs around $1500 USD to get a pair of breast implants. That's quite a large sum of money in Thailand and the Philippines, but it's not a huge sum.

  • In countries like Thailand, transgenders are a recognised part of society, even if they're not yet treated as a 3rd sex in the eyes of the government and law. While I lived in Thailand I saw many teenage ladyboys of high school age. They wore female uniforms but often had male friends. It was good to see them so accepted within their peer group. A consequence of transsexuals being recognised as such at an early age is that they can take hormones to stop their maleness from ever developing, and can thus go on to look much more feminine than previous generations of ladyboy could hope to achieve.

  • The rise of feminism has enslaved a generation and guys are starting to see that it's just not worthwhile having a relationship with a biological woman. A woman can take half your assets, and of course the home you live in. Is there another way? Maybe guys can go their own way, and do without women.

  • Could it be that ladyboys are just more intelligent and better fun to be with than women? I started to think that way during my own time in Thailand. I have to say that the ladyboys I met were for the most part much smarter than Thai ladies. Sometimes they were much more feminine as well.
Whatever the reason for the current popularity of ladyboys, they're not going to go away anytime soon. Anyone who doubts me, I give you the lovely Twinkle from Ladyboy Ladyboy:

The awesome Filipino ladyboy Twinkle
So why do YOU think ladyboys are becoming more popular? Post your comments below...

Monday, 6 April 2015

The Ladyboys of Southern Europe

Here's a quick report about Southern Europe, and the ladyboys I've encountered there.

Or rather, haven't.

I have to say this part of the world doesn't seem to have that many ladyboys. In over a month of living here in Barcelona, I've only seen two.

One was a well built massage girl/hooker, of the type that scares the hell out of you when you're out on the town in Walking Street, Pattaya.

Another was much more feminine and out with her mom shopping for some new lingerie. Well I'm way too beta to make a cold approach, but she was very cute!

So two ladyboys sighted in five weeks - poor showing really. That's not to say that they don't exist. After all, the Victorians claimed there were no black swans in the world...

Then some dude went to Australia.

So what does Southern Europe have to offer if you're interested in all things Asian?

In Barcelona, I've seen a large number of Chinese people. In my neighbourhood they run stores, bars and emporiums that sell all kinds of junk. There may be plenty of single Chinese women here, although most seem to already have [Chinese ] husbands. From my limited Chinese conversational skills I've managed to determine that many of the Chinese here are from the middle or North of China, from cities like Xi'an and Wuhan. Although Chinese ladyboys do exist, they're normally from the more vibrant more free thinking coastal cities like Shanghai or Shenzhen.

One thing I haven't seen many of here are Thai people, especially Thai brides. I think that Southern European men who want exotic foreign brides tend to go to South America - Colombia especially. Colombian women can be VERY hot indeed, and of course Brazil is also known for its numerous and exotic ladyboys.

Thai restaurants are also rare here, especially when compared to the UK. Chinese restaurants do exist, but around half of them cook local, rather than Chinese food.

Maybe because the local people are generally darker skinned than their Northern European neighbours that guys here are less interested in the exotic treasures of the East.

Of course all countries have their fill of men with yellow fever, and I did spot a flier for an Asian massage joint:
Translation: Oriental girls - Young and Pretty!
One bright spot is that there are more Wechat users here. However, I've not (as of yet) seen any transsexuals on it, just Chinese immigrants and tourists, and a few Southern Europeans who have somehow discovered this nice little Chinese built chat app.

I haven't tried local dating sites. To be honest I'm getting fed up with online dating sites in general. Chinese Love Cupid closed my account for some reason, my DateInAsia account disappeared without warning, and I can't seem to keep a PoF account up for more than a fortnight without the robots who run that site thinking I'm a scammer.

There is more to life of course than dating of course, and I have to report that the food and quality of life here is great. It's safe to walk around at all hours of the day, and people seem so civilised, despite the poverty and high unemployment.

Southern Europe is also blessed with - SUNSHINE!!!
It's also much easier to come and live here with or as an immigrant - something to bear in mind if you're dating Thai ladyboys and face an impossible task getting her back to the UK, Northern Europe, Australia or the USA. Plus Barcelona, Sitges and the surrounding towns are very gay friendly. While I won't call ladyboy lovers gay, it is much better to live in a gay friendly environment than somewhere you'd face hostility or even jail just for doing your own thing.

So that's Southern Europe - what's YOUR local area like for finding and dating ladyboys?

Me Need Boobs - Send Money!

We interrupt this blog to bring an urgent appeal for cash... ladyboy needs boobs, and needs them fast!

So I was having a quiet night at home the other night, and suddenly my phone starts beeping at the sound of LINE instant messages accumulating.

What's up?

Well to cut a short story short, it turned out a Thai ladyboy I had once dated was urgently in need of some cash in order to get a boob job.

Why the rush?

Well Thai people live very much in the present, so I'm well used to them needing stuff, like, now. But this seemed more urgent than the usual urgent.

Now my ladyboy is one of the few Thai ladyboys who doesn't really speak much English. But from her broken English I kind of got the gist of what she was trying to tell me...

It turns out that in Thailand young "men" are drafted into the military, but there is an exemption for ladyboys. However, the Thai military have kind of wised up to young guys growing their hair long and calling themselves ladyboys. So as far as I am aware, the current definition of ladyboy is simply defined as a biological guy with a large pair of breasts.

Even being a ladyboy isn't enough to escape the draft - if there is a shortage of "guys", then any able bodied ladyboy will be drafted, whatever their chest size.

If you want a detailed look at how the Thai military draft works (and its effects on ladyboys), then have a good read of this.

Basically the draft applies to most Thai young men, although rich kids can often buy their way out of it. That leaves poor kids, and the ladyboys that you or I would normally meet in Thailand. Not everyone is drafted - what it basically comes down to is a lottery.

I feel sorry for those drafted - especially as they face the prospect of being deployed to the frontlines in Thailand's forgotten war in the far South of the country.

If you're dating or intending to date a young Thai guy or ladyboy, well the draft and possibly how to avoid it is something to think about...

Too "big" to serve? I'd like to see my ladyboy with her new boobs, but I'm not sure I need to be financing them...
Anyway, whether I would or wouldn't fund something like this, well I'd need to think about it for a few days anyway. Having done a bit of reading there's no guarantee that being a ladyboy is guaranteed to make somebody avoid the draft anyway. And if I paid for a boob job, I'd kind of feel responsible for this ladyboy's future psychological welfare. Getting gender realignment surgery is a big step, even in a country like Thailand where ladyboys are so numerous.

Also this particular ladyboy is also more of a chat buddy these days, and I really don't like getting into the business of lending money to friends (or anyone else for that matter).

Oh what the hell, I'm far too tight to give my money away, especially as I've worked so hard to earn it in the first place. I burned out of my last job, and the one before that, so I'm well aware of the price of money.

After a while it got me thinking though. Ladyboys need around 50,000 Thai baht for a boob job. That's not a huge sum in the Western world - about £950, €1200 or $1500. Maybe I should set up some sort of Kickstarter site to allow interested parties to crowd fund ladyboy boob jobs. After all, a ladyboy with a boob job has much better earning potential than one without, so the chance of getting your money back (maybe with interest or other benefits) is pretty high.

How about it?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Random Thoughts and Observations 104

It's been around 8 months since I left the Land of Smiles (i.e. Thailand) and went back to a mainstream life in the West. I got a job, and I'm reasonably happy.
But I still remember my time meeting and dating Thai ladyboys, and I'm sure as hell going back.

So what's been going on lately?

A lot of guys tell me they're interested in ladyboys, but they feel they have to be secretive about it, at least until they're ready to "come out" about it, so to speak.

But is wanting to date and maybe marry a ladyboy such a big thing? After all, in the UK guys have been able to marry other guys for at least a year now. Two biological guys can even adopt a kid in this country.

Put your ladyboy love in perspective though. In the UK a former well known male celebrity has just come out as a transsexual and is now on our TV screens in female form. Now that's a big thing to do! Of course it's attracted attention, but there's also been a lot of acceptance.

I live quite close to London, and I've seen one or two Asian ladyboys in and around the ChinaTown area of central London. Give it 10 or 20 years and transsexuals will be a much more of a common sight. When I was at school there was one black kid in our entire school, and maybe half a dozen kids of Chinese descent. Now if you walk past your average school in the UK it's like a convention of the junior United Nations.

So diversity is coming, and transsexuals will be a part of it.

One thing is clear though, ladyboys are becoming immensely popular, and sites like Asian Love Connections and MyLadyboyDate are becoming THE place to go and chat to some of the world's most exotic and beautiful creatures.

I still chat to one or two ladyboys online. The hookers bailed out a long time ago - they find it too easy to find new guys to chat to.

The sensible girls message me once in a while, but it is hard to maintain long distance friendships, especially if you have commitments back home like work and family. It's very hard to try and live in two different continents at the same time. So for this reason I always say that if you want to date Asian ladyboys (or women) then do whatever you can to save up enough cash so you can go and live there for a while.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Online Bride

A few nights ago I watched an interesting Channel 4 TV show about British guys seeking foreign brides. If you want to Google it, it was called My Online Bride. It's essential viewing for anyone thinking of finding an overseas partner.

While ladyboys didn't get a mention (they've had their own dedicated TV series over on Sky TV), the show has really got a lot more guys interested in seeking partners from overseas.

If you can't find the show to watch online, then the multiple take home messages were:
  • YOU can find higher quality partners overseas.
  • Finding a foreign bride is EXPENSIVE and you'll have to budget for around 8000 UK pounds (around $13,000).
  • It's psychologically hazardous for a man to fall in love in ANY country.
  • Women lie and cheat regardless of their nationality.
  • To find the best partner, go and live in another country for a while (6 months+).
  • To attract women, be more alpha.
  • Women want to marry one-women-men. By all means travel to another country and meet several women in a single trip. But DON'T tell woman A about woman B, C, or D. DO let it be known that you ARE popular with women though, but think of ways to be more subtle about it.
  • If the topic of money comes up early in the relationship, be ready to bale out. I once dated a lovely Thai girl, but her sister had designs on my bank account. This was pretty much identical to the experience one of the guys featured in the TV show had happen to him.
The TV show focussed on Ukraine and Thailand, but unlike the producers you can think outside the box and add on the Philippines (for ladyboys) and China (if you like Asian women; Chinese ladyboys are somewhat rarer).

If you've seen My Online Bride what did you think about it? Do you think going to a different country to find love is a good idea or is it truly crazy?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Thailand Photo Blog #2

In the second instalment of photos from Thailand I bring you a few photos from Pattaya. This coastal city is absolutely worth a visit if ladyboys are your thing.
Just don't fall in love here!
Pattaya is of course known for its crazy nightlife. Whole streets are full of open air bars like this one:

What's more, just about all the ladies (and ladyboys) in these bars are available.

In Pattaya, motorcycles can be rented for as little as $5 a day:
Before you saddle up, just remember Thailand's sobering traffic accident statistics.
Talking of being sober, you might want to down a couple of beers before impressing the local ladyboys with your love of edible insects:

Edible scorpions are pretty scary - and so is Pattaya's weather at times. Here's a flooded Beach Road:

A few inches of rain doesn't do too much to dampen the party atmosphere though. If anything, you'll get more attention in the bars and clubs on a rainy night as fair weather folk stay in and watch the TV.
Wish you were here...?

Imagine speeding off round the bay with a couple of bikini clad ladyboys to help you steer!

If you read my China photo blog #1 then you'll appreciate the language barrier a foreigner has to face in that country. In Thailand the nightlife is made much more foreigner friendly due to signs like these:

More of that neon, this time illuminating a gogo bar:

If you've never visited a gogo bar then add it to your bucket list of things to do.
Pattaya is full of gogo bars, some with ladies, some with ladyboys, and just a few with a real mixture of genders.
A gogo bar is a great place to stare at women without getting slapped. Just keep the money flowing out of your wallet, and you'll be guaranteed a great time in these places. Don't worry though - they're way, way, cheaper than table dancing venues you might have back in your own country.
Is the whole sex tourist thing an outdated concept?
One thing noticeable in Pattaya's walking street now are the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists.
They largely walk around in groups, and don't tend to go in the bars themselves:
I guess this is like some kind of sex tourism tourism.
Anyway, it's a reminder that the world is changing, and that going on holiday to Thailand is not something that just American, Brits or Germans do.
Whatever life decisions you make in Thailand, it's better to make them in the cold light of day. Then the glitzy neon bars and clubs look pretty darned ordinary:

Have fun when YOU next visit Pattaya!